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The order method of overseas dispatch.



Ordering Infomation
Please tell the following five items in an E-mail and facsimile.@

@P. The picture or Name of ordered goods.
iAn attached file should stop.j
When a problem is in attachment of a picture, please display a link on e-mail.@
Q. Full Name
R. Address F Telephone number
This site does not disclose individual registration information
to third parties without your consent.
S. Please choose Shipping
iwith insurancej
Regular Airmail
ino insurancej
Regular Economy Air

ino insurancej
It cannot sent
for some countries.
The cheapest
dispatch method.

Surface percel

If insurance is attached,
it will be plus 410yen necessity.

Since it becomes another dispatch when
the items of an order exceed 5kg,
Please ask a shipping cost 5kg or more.

*Please be sure to
attach insurance.
plus 410yen.

T. Please choose how to payment
The order from overseas cannot use a credit card.
Please do not tell us card information, such as a number, by an e-mail.
It is your risk until it arrives.
# I recommend sending by registered mail.
*It cannot use for adult goods.
(only JapaneseYEN)
Return Policy
Returned goods are impossible.
iThe goods can be returned when wrong goods arrive.j
About the trouble under transportation
Only EMS is the guarantee in the amount covered.
Other cases do not take responsibility.
Please contact us by one of the following methodsF

By faxF 075-921-6536
By telephoneF 075-925-1511

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